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MasterCard Casino – Reputable Online Payments with Kiwi Casinos


Like its competitor, VISA, MasterCard is the most effective way to make payments online, even in spite of the wide variety of transfer options available today. When using a online casino mastercard credit card, deposits and withdrawals are automatic and instantaneous. This card also has the advantage of providing the maximum protection to its owners.

MasterCard Casino sites are popular throughout the NZ markets and across the entire globe. The company was established back in 1966 and is a widely recognized international organisation coming to the aid of over 20 million companies in over 200 countries. The use of their cards can be used both internationally and domestically with the matching ATM’s of their business logo.


To make a deposit using your MasterCard credit card, simply enter the card information when creating your online account. The casino will then ask you the name of the cardholder, the sixteen-digit number for your bank account, expiration date of the card and the security code. It's likely that further details will be requested: your mailing address and phone number and more. The operation will naturally be similar to a withdrawal of your funds.

Deposits and online casino mastercard withdrawal

With an online casino, there is nothing easier than making your deposits or withdrawals using your online casino mastercard. Once your MasterCard information is saved, simply direct yourself to «checkout», enter the amount of money you want to withdraw or deposit and enter your security code. However, in the case of certain payments, you will be obliged to deposit a minimum amount of 20 Euros. One downside of using MasterCard is that there may be limits imposed on how much you can withdraw and transfer in a single transaction.

Also, online casinos charging a commission for each transaction effected in advance are pretty common. Despite the fact that the commission is low (it's never more than one or two per cent of the amount transferred), sometimes these conditions slow down the players' enthusiasm. The client must also comply with the limit imposed if he wants to perform a transaction on his MasterCard account. Again, all transactions may be subject to additional charges.


  • Most players already have a MasterCard credit card. Players do not need to go through a transitional service to carry out their transactions for Mastercard casino is widespread and accepted mostly everywhere.
  • The major advantage of using MasterCard is the speed of transactions, especially when it comes to depositing or withdrawing money online.
  • Practicality and convenience are the two other advantages of this method of payment that is portable, flexible and standardized throughout the world.


If you have MasterCard and wish to join any of the listed casinos that use this payment service, be sure to check with the casino reviews that you are able to make both the depositing and withdrawal transactions, as not all online casinos can provide a service for both, usually, the deposit is the most common form of transaction it allows. But this is in some cases, it just helps to be sure.

The service of mastercard casino is highly reliable and can be fully trusted in securing your online payment and banking details. The use of their services can carry a charge between 2% - 3% which is placed on by the bank and not the casino. You will have to carry out a standard credit check if you are looking to apply for this service, so bear that in mind


Here we just touch on some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the online casino mastercard service in New Zealand.

🤑 Which online casinos allow a MasterCard withdrawal?

If you are a Kiwi that is looking for an online casino that accepts MasterCard withdrawals, then you are in lucky as there are plenty of great ones out there for you to choose from. In our opinion, you cannot go wrong with the following:

💸 How fast are MasterCard casino payments?

When you are making a MasterCard deposit the money will appear in your online casino account instantly. However, when you are making a MasterCard withdrawal, there is the chance that you will have to wait somewhere between 3-5 working days before you receive your money.

💪 Is online casino MasterCard a safe option?

MasterCard has been around for years and there are millions of people all over the world who has one in their wallet. MasterCard makes use of all of the best security on the market, so you can be certain that your transactions are safe. However, you will need to make sure that you do not overspend as this credit card gives you the option of spending money that you do not actually have.

🏩 Can I use MasterCard through mobile casino platforms?

Mobile gambling is something that is getting bigger and bigger and online casinos are now giving their customers the same deposit and withdrawal methods that they can use when playing on a desktop device. So, the answer to this question is yes.

💰 What are the minimum and maximum deposit when using MasterCard?

The minimum deposit when using MasterCard will depend on the online casino that you are playing at, but it will often be set at just $10. When it comes to the maximum deposit, this is a question that we cannot answer as all online casinos will have their own limits.

Review created by Jimmy McCullum