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EntroPay casino: Virtual Online Credit Card for Payment and Deposits


EntroPay, just one in a handful of new wave banking options and virtual visa card methods. EntroPay casino virtual visa, like other mainstream visa cards is now accepted by online casinos and this, our guide, will put the views in place to help you learn and know more about the prepaid cards and the limits beset against it, so that we answer all questions about the transfer of money and its many features.

It’s easy to pin down the requirements of a credit card, safe, secure and reliable transactions. A new company, EntroPay is offering these key elements with their service to help those looking to as a means of joining online casinos with greater ease.

There are a lot of gambling sites that support their customers with the new wave on virtual banking options. No longer are Visa and MasterCard the only option for depositing and withdrawals.

If you’re looking to experience ease of banking and reliable business practice, like thousands of others, getting an online credit card could solve all your problems. Also known as e.wallets provided by a virtual bank, the EntroPay credit card now joins a list of other online banks offering their own equivalent on a virtual card.

If you’re looking to join a casino and hit the slots, then continue to read our review of the EntroPay card, as we discuss the service it offers in greater detail.

Soon you’ll be betting with 24 hours support from EntroPay as it will address the issues you may have experienced in the past.

We will look at the customer service, what you can withdraw, what currency it supports, its protection against fraud and how using EntroPay works.

Payments & Deposits: EntroPay Review showing the latest online banking method accepted by online casinos

EntroPay belongs to Ixaris Systems LTD, issuer ofa payment softwareapproved by the FSA (Financial Services Authority), based in the United Kingdom. EntroPay casino via Ixaris, operates as a transmitter of electronic wallets and can be used to make purchases and money transfers online. The EntroPay card, coupled with VISA, is a widely accepted method of payment in commercial establishments: restaurants, shops, cinemas, post offices etc.. best online casino for entropay

operates in over 150 territories worldwide and is certified by VISA, which proves its reliability and efficiency.

Functionality: One of the best virtual credit card options? Here’s a look at some of the cards benefits

As explained above, EntroPay works exactly like a traditional credit/debit card with the only difference being that it is virtual. It allows you to make purchases of goods and services online, or make deposits and withdrawals via a web account. Upon registration, users must configure their account with an active credit card account. To do so, customers can use VISA or MasterCard to deposit money into their EntroPay online account. This service is available in three different currencies: euro, and U.S. dollar. EntroPay casino is also available in several international languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and even Japanese.

Withdrawals and deposits: With zero EntroPay casino fees, you can get a lot of benefits from using this online card.

Once the EntroPay account is registered, a card number, expiration date and security code will be initialized. When the user uses EntroPay to buy goods in shops online, they will just need to provide the same information. Basically, the process is exactly the same as when you buy on the internet with your VISA card or MasterCard. The difference, however, is that your EntroPay account information is completed before you proceed with the purchase, which is an advantage. This payment method is almost ideal since you can also check your balance and your transaction history on a totally secure site.

Benefits: So is EntroPay safe? Is EntroPay casino legit? Rest assured that this is 100% in all aspects of banking

  • The EntroPay alternative system uses 128-bit data. You can securely buy online using this service. Your personal information will never be revealed because they will be registered in advance when you create your EntroPay online account. It’s fully protecting your funds.
  • The visualization of transactions is made easier thanks to VISA, which allows it to operate as a virtual debit card. VISA introduced this method of payment because of the popularity of online purchases, which makes it a particularly viable service.
  • The EntroPay casino account is available in three different international currencies: the euro and U.S. dollar. In addition, a whole range of languages is available to meet the demands of an international clientele.
  • Zero fees when using this virtual visa and no hidden charges