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What is the purpose of our site? This is a question that you will probably ask yourself when you come across our site for the first time. Well, to put it as simply as we can, we are an online casino comparison website for the New Zealand market. Us Kiwis love to gamble and luckily for us there are many online casinos that we can register with. However, due to the sheer number it can be tricky to find the best one for you - this is where we come into play. We will provide you with casino reviews, casino games and slot reviews, as well as live casino, bonus, casino game, a strategy guides.

Affiliate Disclosure

We are an affiliate website, but what exactly does this mean? Well, an affiliate company is one that earns commission from other companies for promoting their products. The affiliate (which is us) will provide a link to a product (an online casino in our case) and whenever someone makes use of the link to sign up with that online casino, we will receive commission from them.

Affiliate marketing has become really popular now. In fact, to give you an idea as to just how popular it has become, the world of affiliate marketing is now worth an astonishing $12 billion every year, and this number is only going to get bigger. Some of the biggest affiliates in the world at the moment are Amazon Associates and eBay Partners.

So, you are probably sitting there wondering whether you can trust what we tell you on this site if we get paid for everyone who signs up to an online casino using the links that we provide. Well, we can assure you that you can definitely trust us because we do not rank the online casinos that we speak about based on how much money they give us in commission. We have ranked all the online casinos on this site truthfully, even if that comes as a detriment to the amount of commission that we will get.

Why You Can Trust www.thecasinocitynz.com

The main reason why you can trust us is that our site is run by real online casino experts who care about all of our readers. We all have a lot of experience and expertise in the online gambling industry, and we love nothing more than sharing all of the valuable information that we have picked up over the years with you. Our mission is to compare a variety of online casinos that us New Zealanders can sign up with so that you can read what we have to say and then be able to choose the best online casino for your gambling needs.

What is it that makes us different from our competitors? Well, one of the main differences is that we are transparent. Many other online casino comparison sites out there will leave you quite confused and none the wiser about which online casino is the best for you, but that is not the case with us. All the information that we provide you with is totally clear, and you will never be left sitting there scratching your head and trying to work out what we are saying.

Also, some of our competitors will lie to you in order to convince you to sign up with a particular casino so that they earn commission, but this is something we will never do. We have integrity and morals and do not want to trick anyone into signing up with an online casino. We provide you with true advice, and you are then free to do exactly as you please.

What criteria do we look at when we are reviewing online casinos? We like to provide our readers with in-depth analysis of the best casinos for New Zealanders, so there are a number of important criteria that we make it a habit of looking at. We have listed them below for you so you know what to expect when reading our detailed reviews:

  • The Welcome Bonus on offer
  • The games that are available
  • The software developers they have team up with
  • Whether the customer support is any good
  • The different payment options available
  • The responsible gambling features in place

www.thecasinocitynz.com is a Promoter of Safe Gambling

Whenever you are gambling, it is paramount that you do so responsibly so that you do not end up with a gambling issue. There are millions of people around the world that have a gambling addiction that not only impacts them but also has an impact on their loved ones. We care about all of our readers, so we will only promote online casinos that have plenty of responsible gambling features in place that their customers can make use of. Such features include customers being able to place deposit limits as well as set up a break from their account should they feel that they are developing a gambling habit that is getting out of control.

Who are our partners in helping to safeguard players from addictive gambling? Well, if you are looking for a great app to help you overcome your gambling addiction, then we would recommend you take a look at https://gamban.com. When you have their app installed on your device, you will not be able to access any form of online gambling. It is an amazing app that will help you out when your willpower slips.

Why Did We Choose TheCasinoCityNZ as our Domain Name?

We chose this domain name mostly because we believe that it is very simple for our readers to remember, meaning that when you want to make use of our valuable information you can quickly type it into your search bar or easily find it in your long list of bookmarked sites. Additionally, it is not a complicated name at all, so you will be able to type it into a search bar without making a mistake that will mess up your search. Also, the domain name contains keywords related to the online gambling scene in New Zealand, meaning we can easily reach our targeted audience, you.

Our Team of Casino Experts

We have explained to you in detail about what it is that we do, so now it is time for you to meet the team.

Charlotte Wilson - Editor in Chief

Charlotte is our editor in chief. She has worked in the gambling industry for the last ten years and has been working with us for four of those. She has a Master’s degree in marketing from the University of Otago, so she definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to promoting this site of ours. She is the one that helps to keep everything ticking along nicely at TheCasinoCityNZ. We are not sure what we would do without her.

Hunter Fitzgerald - Content Writer

Hunter Fitzgerald has proven himself to be a valuable asset to TheCasinoCityNZ over the three years that he has been working for us. He has an English degree from the University of Auckland and twelve years of experience in the gambling industry. For the last five years, he has been a professional poker player and has also dabbled in games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. His main reason for joining our team was that he wanted to share his vast knowledge with New Zealanders and help others find the best online casino for them.

James Peterson - Content Writer

James Peterson has managed to make a bit of a name for himself in the online gaming industry. He is educated in marketing and SEO fields having studied at the University of Canterbury, and he was the editor of an online casino comparison website before he decided to join us for a change of scenery. Throughout his ten years in the industry, he has reviewed hundreds of online casinos, table games, and slots. He is also familiar with banking methods, different types of bonuses, and anything else that contributes to a great gaming experience.

Our Main Software Developer Partners

There are plenty of software developers out there nowadays, but they have not all been created equally, that is for sure. We only do business with the best of the best, and below you can find out more information about these great game providers.


Microgaming came into existence in 1994, and they are now one of the best software developers in the business. They create innovative and modern games that will keep you thoroughly entertained. They also try to release a new game each month to ensure that things stay nice and fresh. They are really picky about who they work with as they have a reputation to protect, so if you come across an online casino with games developed by Microgaming, then you can be sure that they can be trusted.


NetEnt have been around since 1996 and back then they focused mainly on the Scandinavian market. However, in the 24 years since they have grown considerably, and their games are now enjoyed by players all across the world. They have now partnered with more than 100 online casinos and offer their players unique games that will definitely entertain you. When it comes to graphics and gameplay, it is not an exaggeration to say that NetEnt sit at the top of the tree. If you enjoy slots that focus on movies and TV shows, then they have plenty of options available to you.


Playtech was launched in 1999 and the last two decades they have worked their way to the top and are now one of the biggest game providers in the world. They operate in twelve different countries now and produce about fifty new games each year. Just like NetEnt, they enjoy working with movie brands and other forms of entertainment, meaning that you can find plenty of Playtech games that are based on popular movies and series.

RealTime Gaming

Realtime Gaming, known as RTG, offer their fantastic games to casino players across the world. People love their games because they are easy to get to grips with, but still provide hours of fun. They have produced around 150 games, but they are consistently adding to this number. They take their time when releasing new games as they would rather put in maximum effort to develop a top-quality game than release 10 mediocre games that will be forgotten pretty quickly. So, although they do not provide as many games as the software developers we mentioned above, you can be certain that all their games are great fun to play.

Betsoft Gaming

Over the last ten years, Betsoft has gained a reputation as being one of the best software developers in the iGaming world. They owe their success to an experienced team of engineers, account managers, software developers, graphic designers, game designers, marketing specialists and 3D animators. What makes them stand out from their rivals is the fact that they produce some amazing 3D games with graphics that will leave you stunned. It is their commitment to providing nothing but excellence that has paved the way to where they are today. They have won a number of awards for the 200 games that they have developed.