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The Best Online Casinos to Enjoy 3-Card Poker At

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Poker is one of the most popular casino games and one of the most enjoyable variants of poker is what is known as 3-card poker. If you are a New Zealander and a fan of 3-card poker, then you are in luck as on this page we are going to be taking a closer look some of the best online casinos to play this entertaining poker variant at.

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1 888 888 Casino
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    2 William Hill William Hill
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      3 Unibet Casino Uni​bet Casino
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        If you go on Google and look at other sites that discuss the best online casinos to play this poker variant at then it highly likely that you will have to scroll at least halfway down their page before you start finding the information that you have been looking for. However, this is what makes us different from the rest as we give our readers the information that they are looking for right off the bat.

        Below you can find a table that details the best online casinos for New Zealand 3-Card poker fans. Now, we just want to emphasise that we are not forcing any of our readers to join one of these sites, you are free to do exactly how we please. However, you will definitely be ensuring that you have a fantastic gambling experience if you heed our advice.

        Why Should You Play 3-Card Poker Online?

        We have shown you some of the best online casinos to play 3-Card poker at, so we are now going to provide you with three reasons as to why you should play this poker variant online.

        It is really convenient

        Before the invention of the Internet, if you wanted to go and play a few rounds of poker, then you would have to take the time to put on some of your best clothes and then head on over to the closest land-based casino using your own vehicle or public transport. However, even though you have the urge to play poker, you might not feel like dressing up or travelling to the casino. Things changed drastically when the Internet was developed, and online casinos emerged as this meant that playing poker was something that was now possible from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you can now play 3-card poker wherever you happen to be so long as you have a mobile device and there is an Internet connection. For instance, if you are waiting for a dentist appointment then you can pass the time (and take your mind off the nerves) by playing some 3-card poker on your mobile device.

        Many Different Bonuses

        Land-based casinos will provide their players with added entertainment (such as a band) as well as complimentary food and drinks. Now, when you are playing at an online casino from the comfort of your living room or wherever you happen to be, you will obviously not receive any food or drinks. However, what you will receive is a Welcome Bonus and other types of promotions, which are better in our opinion. Thanks to such bonuses, you can play 3-card poker with some "free" money. We have used inverted commas here because it is important to note that the money that the casino hands out is not free money per say. There will be a number of terms and conditions such as wagering requirements attached to every bonus. You should always make sure to read the T&Cs very carefully, so you know what is expected of you.

        You can play for free

        There might be times where you feel like playing some 3-card poker, but you do not feel like risking your own money. When you want to play some poker hands without spending your money, you can simply log into your account and play some 3-card poker hands for free. One thing that you obviously need to remember when playing for free is that any wins that you land will not see you win real money. So, if you get a Royal flush, you will win the hand, but you will only win virtual money. Although you cannot get real winnings, you will still be thoroughly entertained. Also, playing for free is the best way to test out any new strategies that you are thinking about using. If use a new strategy right away, then you run the risk of losing quite a bit of money, so it is always best to learn all about it for free.

        Pluses of Playing 3-Card Poker Online

        Before moving on, we would like to quickly recap the three main advantages of playing 3-card poker online. These are:

        • It is really convenient
        • There are different bonuses and promotions
        • You have the chance to play for free

        Try Out Live 3-Card Poker

        If you have an account with an online casino that offers up live gaming, then we highly recommend that you give live 3-card poker a try. When you are playing live you will be playing with other real players and you will be competing against a real dealer. One of the main differences of this poker variant to other poker variants is that your aim is to beat the hand that the dealer has. If your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand, you win. It does not matter if another player at the table has better cards than you. It has become such a popular variant because it is easy for newcomers to play and it is extremely fast-paced. To add to this, it is a game that pays out quite well.

        In order for the dealer to play, they must have at least a Queen High. If you manage to get a Straight with your cards, then you will get a nice bonus regardless of what cards the dealer has. Furthermore, there are two optional bets known as the Six Card Bonus and the Pair Plus which gives players the opportunity to win payouts as high as 1000:1, no matter what hand the dealer has. However, with a Pair Plus Bet or a Six Card Bonus bet the house edge will obviously be quite high. Therefore, we would not recommend that you wager on such bets too often as the higher house edge will ensure that you lose more money than you make.

        The Highest Rated 3-Card Poker Casinos to Play At

        Us New Zealanders are lucky as we have plenty of online casinos that we can join and play 3-card poker at. However, like with everything, there are some online casinos that are a cut above the rest.

        Below you will find a table that provides you with five of the best 3-card poker casinos. If you register with one of the following, you will not regret your decision.

        Online CasinoWelcome BonusWin Rate
        Jackpot City Casino$160097.84%
        Spin Casino$100097.59%
        Gate777 Casino$100097.49%
        Lucky Nugget Casino$20097%
        Gaming Club Casino$35096.79%

        FAQ: Popular questions asked of the Three Card Poker game

        🤔 Can I play Three Card Poker live?

        You will find there are a number of sites that offer the chance to play Three Card Poker live, though they are rare options. To help you locate a good selection of live Three Card Poker games, pick any of these three casinos, heck, you can even join all three:

        • Spin Casino
        • Wildz
        • Jonny Jackpot

        🥳 Are there any Three Card Poker Strategies?

        Yes, there are a number of strategies that you can use to gain a slight advantage over the house and dealer of the game.< Note that no one strategy guarantees 100% success. Use the same strategies as noted here in our poker strategy guide.

        🤑 What are the Three Card Poker odds of winning?

        There are a total of 7 different odds when winning in three card poker. The chance of landing nothing is 30%. A high card win is 44%. Winning with a pair is 16% and a Flush win is 5. Landing a win from a Straight is 3% and a three of a kind is only 0.20%. A straight flush win comes in at 0.20% also.

        ⭐ What’s the best hand in Three Card Poker?

        Here is the ranking order of highest and best hand to get in Three Card Poker to the least powerful hand to claim in the game.

        • Straight flush.
        • Three of a kind.
        • Straight.
        • Flush.
        • Pair.
        • High card.